Thursday, October 11, 2012

Body studies

These are some of the initial studies a i did,about agent and bodies.Trying to escape as far as possible form isosurfacing, i decided to extend my agent class with toxiclibs VerletParticle class.This allowed me to connect different agents with springs.Now..."this is a story of a lonley agent named Bob walking on his way.One day he finally met another bob and said"hey mate,take my hand and we will walk toghether fo evah!(true story!).

SpringAgentsChain from Paolo Alborghetti on Vimeo.

The logical next step was implement that logic on mesh,turning vertices into agents,edges into spring.Changing flocking paramenters you can guide the deformation of the mesh.Interesting morphologies emerge.

SpringMeshAgent from Paolo Alborghetti on Vimeo.

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