Friday, January 25, 2013


Video of a old Arduino project i did a year ago with some friends in one day and one night at the Jam Session organized by the Physical Computing Lab in Milan during 12 and 13 of November 2011.It's a bomb made out of felt with an ID12 RFID reader inside and 3 LEDs that come out of the fuse. Each LED has a different color that matches each of the player's glove. The purpose of the game is to pass the bomb when a LED turns on and the device recognize if the receiver has the same color of the LED by reading a RFID tag embed inside every glove. If the bomb is not "defused" in time, it plays a theme from star wars. Nerds to the bone.

Chebbomba was made by:Stefano Airoldi,Paolo Alborghetti,Davide Caprioli,Alessandro Casmirri,Matteo Loglio,Giulia Pretti...

Lot of fun!!

Chebbomba! from matteo on Vimeo.

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